July 10, 2019

Microsoft HealthVault users can now transfer their health data to Allscripts' patient platform

Allscripts is making its patient engagement platform FollowMyHealth available to Microsoft HealthVault users to transition their health data to before Microsoft shuts down its service in November.

Three things to know:

1. Microsoft is set to discontinue its patient medical records management service HealthVault by Nov. 20, after which any data stored on the platform will be deleted.

2. Allscripts' FollowMyHealth mobile app is free to sign up for and allows consumers and patients to share their health information with family and healthcare providers.

3. FollowMyHealth also includes features such as connecting wireless goal-tracking devices and maintaining a health journal.

Original Becker's article may be found here.

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July 09, 2019

followmyhealth offers a new option for Microsoft’s HealthVault users to transition their health data

Allscripts patient engagement platform, FollowMyHealth®, leverages open standards and enables interoperability of healthcare data

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June 20, 2019

Empowering patient safety, improving outcomes and increasing satisfaction

Patients consistently express that they want to be engaged in the decisions being made about their treatment plan. Those who are active participants in their own care or the care of their loved ones ultimately have better outcomes. The question is how do we get each and every patient engaged?

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April 29, 2019

Hendrick Health System selects Allscripts to provide single patient record, billing and database solution

Hendrick Health System selects Allscripts to provide single patient record, billing and database solution | Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Health system signs strategic agreement to deploy suite of solutions including Allscripts Sunrise™ Ambulatory EHR, Sunrise™ Financial Manager, Sunrise™ Health Information Manager, FollowMyHealth® and Allscripts Patient Flow™

Hendrick Health System selects Allscripts to provide single patient record, billing and database solution | Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

CHICAGO, April 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hendrick Health System, a not-for-profit healthcare provider in Abilene, Texas, extended and expanded its relationship with Allscripts (NASDAQ: MDRX) to create one single integrated clinical and financial patient record. With this expansion, the organization’s portfolio will now include the Sunrise™ suite of solutions, including Sunrise™ Ambulatory Care, Sunrise™ Financial Manager, Sunrise™ Health Information Manager, Sunrise™ Abstracting, Knowledge Based Charting, consumer/patient engagement platform FollowMyHealth®, Allscripts Identity Manager and Allscripts Patient Flow™ with Census Logic. The combined technology and single platform will help deliver the health system physicians’ patient information across the ambulatory care continuum.

Hendrick Health System serves a 24-county region in the Texas Midwest and houses more than 500 beds. It provides a comprehensive range of healthcare services, including a neuroscience center, rehabilitation center, cancer center, hospice center, NICU and other innovative services, with more than 3,500 team members on staff. The health system currently uses Allscripts solutions, such as Sunrise™ Enterprise Reg/Sched, Sunrise™ Clinical Manager, Allscripts® Clinical Performance Management, Sunrise™ Surgery and FollowMyHealth® Mobile platform.

Used by healthcare organizations across the globe, Allscripts Sunrise is an integrated electronic health record that connects all aspects of care, including ambulatory, surgical, radiology and laboratory services. Built to enable efficient and safe care, Sunrise is a physician-friendly, evidence-based single platform with integrated analytics that helps deliver true personalized medicine. Sunrise supports all core care venues across the enterprise by delivering a single patient record, and features patient-centric capabilities that increase access and convenience for the consumer.

FollowMyHealth offers a mobile, enterprise patient engagement platform for providers, hospitals and health systems to promote healthy patient populations and manage quality by creating an experience where patients can participate actively in their care on the devices. Its customizable platform helps organizations adapt to the evolving healthcare environment by redefining how healthcare professionals interact with their patients. FollowMyHealth’s technology enables timely and relevant conversations that make the patients an active part of their care, equipping them to deliver a patient experience that includes personalized content throughout the entire care journey – dramatically improving the quality of care, improving outcomes and increasing patient satisfaction.

“Our partnership with Allscripts will continue to enable our care providers to harness the power of an open IT infrastructure and true interoperability to deliver the care our community deserves,” said Brad Holland, Chief Executive Officer of Hendrick Health System. “The robust integration between Sunrise Ambulatory Care and Sunrise Clinical Manager will provide a single database and patient record. These are top priorities for the health system, and will lead to improved outcomes for our patients and our organization.”

“Our Sunrise platform is the best market option for clinician experience, which extends to the experience of patients in the care they receive,” said Paul M. Black, President and CEO of Allscripts. “It enables physicians and nurses to keep patients and their caregivers informed and offers a single billing experience that frees all involved to focus on care and healing. Hendrick Health System has been a great partner over the past 8 years and the expansion of solutions will help the organization improve performance, drive value and enable positive patient outcomes.”

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April 11, 2019

Community Health Systems makes Apple Health Records available at 100 affiliated hospitals

Community Health Systems (CHS) announced that the Apple Health Records app for iPhones is now available to patients at approximately 100 CHS-affiliated hospitals. CHS worked with its EHR maker Allscripts' FollowMyHealth team to deploy Apple Health Records. 


Apple Health Records helps users to visualize and securely store their health records, allowing them to aggregate records from multiple institutions alongside their patient-generated data, creating a more holistic view of their health.

Patients who have received care from a CHS-affiliated participating hospital can use their iPhones to receive and store details from their medical records, ranging from allergies and conditions to procedures and vitals.

Patients can also include information about immunizations, labs, and medications, as well as receive notifications whenever their data is updated.


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March 26, 2019

Allscripts expands digital platform

Allscripts expands digital platform

Allscripts FollowMyHealth has teamed with Ephraim McDowell Health in Danville, Ky., to expand its mobile patient engagement platform.

FollowMyHealth’s total connected patients hit over 17 million during 2018 with portal alone. With their expanded HealthGrid platform, that number is now 40 million and growing. Through implementing FollowMyHealth, clients are seeing up to 70 percent of patients actively engaged through the platform.

Article may be found here.


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March 25, 2019

Allscripts FollowMyHealth helping drive digital transformation with patient/consumer engagement platform; Expands relationship with Ephraim McDowell Health

CHICAGO – March 25, 2019 – Allscripts (NASDAQ: MDRX) FollowMyHealth today announced partnership with Ephraim McDowell Health on its enterprise and mobile patient engagement platform.

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March 15, 2019

HealthGrid CEO On Empowering Patients In The Current Health System

Raj Toleti comes from a family of physicians and has been around the healthcare industry his entire life. Having a front row seat has led the CEO of HealthGrid to come to a significant conclusion:

“Patients are not empowered [in the health system],” he says. “So that’s where my journey has led me. I started in the late 1990s building technology that could empower and educate patients to get a better outcome.”

Toleti, an entrepreneur at heart, had his first go-around in this arena as CEO and founder of Galvannon, which made the first commercially available patient self-service kiosk and software platforms to automate patient check-in and intake processes at hospitals. He sold that company to NCR and a few years later started another patient engagement company, which he helped run for five years.

By 2015, Toleti was at it again—starting and building up HealthGrid, which offers an enterprise mobile patient communication platform. Last year, Toleti sold HealthGrid to Allscripts for $60 million to be part of its larger health IT ecosystem. Chief Executive spoke to Toleti, who remains CEO of HealthGrid, about how the deal went down, educating providers on the benefits of investing in patient engagement and more. Below are excerpts from the conversation.

How Did The Allscripts Acquisition Happen And Why Is It Beneficial To Both Companies?

Allscripts has been very active from an M&A perspective, they’ve been able to bring together multiple [electronic medical record] systems and other technologies. Some of Allscripts’ customers…started to see FollowMyHealth (Allscripts’ patient portal product) as a best of breed patient portal, but said if you combine capabilities such as HealthGrid with FollowMyHealth, one and one can truly become more. [Allscripts CEO] Paul Black and [Allscripts’ executive] Jim Hewitt and others at Allscripts started talking to their own customer base, it was a pattern for them [to hear] that this potential combination would truly empower the customers of the patients.

So [the fall of 2017], Allscripts reached out to me… and basically we had multiple discussions, to [determine] if we felt philosophically there was a level of synergy between both organizations. And we truly felt there was a mind melt there. We’re now seeing that traction with our customer base.

Having said that, 80 percent of my customers were non-Allscripts, like Cerner, etc. At the end of the day, if you ask us what our lead is in the marketplaces, it’s that every other EMR [company] still focuses on their patient portal as their primary patient engagement capability, and we do not. So, to leapfrog that and provide engagement to 70, 80, 90 percent as opposed to patient portal engagement rates of five or 10 percent across the industry, you need something like HealthGrid. That’s what Allscripts realized and saw the synergies.

What Are Some Of The Challenges HealthGrid Faces On A Day-To-Day Basis?

Allscripts has been one of the top three vendors for us to basically inorganically get a customer base that we can rapidly roll this out to and truly create change. Government compliance patient engagement metrics basically dwindled down to like one patient sending a secure message. I mean, we as a country have reduced the thresholds we’re shooting for. So, for us to grow the business and make an impact in the society, we truly felt that we needed to partner with one of the top vendors in the space. By partnering with Allscripts, we found a way to overcome the challenge of growing our business quickly.

What do we face from a day-to-day perspective in terms of championing this mission of empowering patients? Every time you’re in a healthcare organization, we find ourselves educating the healthcare organization on where they can begin their patient engagement journey. You can start with point of care. You can start with pre-care. You can start by automating certain things for the patient. Today the industry knows that it needs to have an effective patient engagement platform, but sometimes they’re challenged as to where they need to startbecause a number of initiatives might already be in play or multiple departments are trying to do the same thing. So, one challenge is actually creating the strategy around the patient engagement journey for healthcare organizations.

What Advice Do You Have To CEOs Who Are Trying To Figure Out How To Empower Consumers In Healthcare?

Every CEO that we talked to, patient engagement is one of their top three objectives. They have their mindshare around consumer engagement. One thing I say to CEOs is you need to have a roadmap of how to implement your patient engagement strategy. There are so many points of entry. You can do check ins, you can do gap-in-care outreach…there are multiple capabilities for a patient that you can automate. Having a clear patient engagement strategy for their own organization is going to be key. The way that they can actually get to that is to look at the current initiatives that are already in play and then  put that against the backdrop of a comprehensive patient engagement strategy. If you have 20 things that you can do in this comprehensive patient engagement strategy, maybe you’re already doing five things and how do you take those five things that you’re already doing and bring to bear the best of their capabilities without any disruption? That’s really how they should be thinking about embarking upon patient engagement.

Written By: Gabriel Perna.

Original article may be found by clicking here.


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March 05, 2019

Allscripts CEO Paul Black On Navigating Healthcare’s Major Changes

In his first few months on the job, Allscripts CEO Paul Black made a few big splash acquisitions and set the company on the path towards single product integration.

“We spent a lot of money on research and development for internal growth that yielded us several applications [within our main electronic health record product] around ambulatory, emergency room, patient accounting, records management, and radiology uses. In the first part of this decade, all those things weren’t necessarily sourced from Allscripts and now they are. We have a single platform capability that didn’t exist [when he first got to Allscripts],” says Black, who was brought onto the Chicago-based health IT company in late 2012.

More than that though, Black understood that the tide shifts in the healthcare industry meant that patient encounters weren’t necessarily going to be limited within the four walls of a hospital or doctor’s office. The company developed and invested in software platforms around population health, consumer, and precision medicine—to create a fuller picture of the patient’s health.

As healthcare providers get paid for their outcomes—rather than the number of times they see a patient—this kind of data will be integral to improving someone’s health. “From a leadership standpoint…the number one thing for us is to have a bold and accurate vision about not only what we need to do to be relevant, but also how to help our clients get to where they are today to where they need to be in the future,” he says.

Consumer Foucs

A big part of this future is consumer-driven healthcare. When Black came to Allscripts in late 2012, the health IT industry was very much focused on meaningful use compliance, as part of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) of 2009. In that sense, “consumer health” was simply a matter of getting patients to be able to view, download and transmit their patient record.

A lot has changed since then. Whether its traditional health IT companies like Allscripts or consumer tech companies like Amazon, there is a movement to connect patients to different data points at all times. This goes beyond the Fitbit and steps trend, but includes tracking data around physical AND behavioral health, nutrition, diet and exercise.


 “All the things that have to deal with the mind, body and soul of a human,” Black says. In a sense people are adopting these data points anyway. One research report indicates the mobile health app market was valued at $28 billion last year and will grow to $102 billion by 2023.

But even more than just tracking data, Black says his vision is an easier experience for the patient, to be able to access this information in one set place, rather than logging into “15 different apps that do and say the same thing.”

“It may have started with meaningful use and connecting to the patient record, but to me it’s a broader idea of once you get that information, what else can you do to provide more efficient and effective care for the patient?”

Collaborations and trust

In an industry suddenly flush with large-scale collaboration from non-traditional players, Allscripts announced at least one major partnership with a consumer tech company this year. In January, Allscripts and Microsoft agreed to work together to help connect patients with clinical trials at the point of care.

As an industry insider looking at some of these high-profile collaborations, such as CVS-Aetna, Black says companies are repurposing the assets they already possess to extend their networks and capabilities. It’s not uncommon to see this kind of collaboration in other industries, he notes. But Black says these new companies have to scale, while still being able to maintain a close connection with consumers. This will be no easy task.

For CEOs trying to navigate this changing landscape, Black offers a few pieces of advice. “I think it’s important to be agile, it’s important to be entrepreneurial. You have to have an environment and culture where you innovate. You have to have an eye for what’s going to happen in the future. Not just a vision for your company, but in the context of where healthcare is going and how you can have a longstanding imprint.”

He also says it’s important to have an element of trust with the teams you’re working with—not just internally and with clients, but with those outside collaborators. “That’s been one of the things about our company, if you’ve talked with people who’ve worked with us…that’s something we stress a lot…I asked my people to hire trustworthy people and we have a culture that rewards that.”

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February 26, 2019

Blessing Health System expands Allscripts partnership with clinical and financial solutions

Health system extends and further expands portfolio to provide integrated platform that includes clinical and financial solutions for both acute and ambulatory settings


CHICAGO, Feb. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blessing Health System, a not-for-profit healthcare organization based in Quincy, Ill., expanded and extended its commitment to Allscripts (NASDAQ: MDRX), creating one single integrated clinical and financial patient record. With this expansion, the organization’s portfolio will now include the Sunrise™ suite of solutions, including Sunrise™ Ambulatory, Sunrise™ Financial Manager, Sunrise™ Surgical Care, Sunrise™ Wound Care, Sunrise™ Mobility and Smart Pump Integration to support the organization’s strategic clinical and financial initiatives.

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February 15, 2019

Live from HIMSS 2019: What Changed for the Patient after the Portal?


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January 01, 2019

Patient Engagement Strategies and Technologies that Are Positively Impacting Value-Based Care Models

Digital transformation is upon us. As hospitals and health systems evolve from fee-for-service to value-based-care models, it is paramount that patient engagement and experience be part of the long-term strategy. Streamlining and optimizing administrative and clinical workflows so that patient outreach and engagement are timely, relevant, and proactive has never been more important. In this HFMA virtual roundtable, several healthcare leaders share insights into how they are cultivating patient engagement strategies and implementing open, flexible, enterprise technologies to improve quality and the patient experience.

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October 04, 2018

Nicklaus Children's Hospital Wins Allscripts Client Innovation Excellence (ACIE) Award for Patient Centric Care Model

 Allscripts is inspired by our clients’ accomplishments with some of healthcare’s most difficult challenges. At this week’s Allscripts Client Experience (ACE) user group meeting for hospitals and health systems, Allscripts recognized some outstanding accomplishments with five Allscripts Client Innovation Excellence (ACIE) awards.  Nicklaus Children's Health System was one of the recipients.

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August 28, 2018

Can Outside Disruptors Increase Patient Engagement?

Listen to Dr. Nayyar speak on the topic of patient engagement.

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July 05, 2018

Allscripts plots growth in health IT

Chicago-based Allscripts Healthcare Solutions has further solidified its position in the connected health platform space with its acquisition of HealthGrid — and an Allscripts executive says more M&A activity is ahead.

Allscripts — which provides physician practices, hospitals, and other health care providers with practice management and electronic health record technology — acquired the health care IT division of McKesson for $185 million in cash last fall before laying out another $100 million to pick up Silicon Valley's Practice Fusion electronic health record platform earlier this year. The company closed its $60 million cash deal for HealthGrid in May. Improving the level of patient engagement with providers – while boosting Allscripts' customer base and product portfolio — was the driving force behind each of these deals, according to Jim Hewitt, executive vice president of solutions development for Allscripts, who sat down with Crain's last week to discuss the string of acquisitions — and hint at what's ahead.

"We firmly believe there will be continued consolidation in the health IT market, down to maybe three to four major players," Hewitt said. "We're doing what we need to do to make sure we are one of those three." The deal with McKesson represented a synergistic fit, he said, while the HealthGrid acquisition was all about snapping up a patient-engagement tool that will be valuable to Allscripts going forward.

That tool was the brainchild of Raj Toleti, the co-founder of HealthGrid who was recently honored as "Entrepreneur of the Year" for Florida in the health care technology category. Toleti previously founded (and later sold) two other companies in this same field of patient engagement technology, Galvanon and Cytura. He launched HealthGrid in early 2015 with an emphasis on incorporating smartphone technology into the provider-patient equation.

Patients are becoming more and more comfortable with communicating with their health care providers and their office staffs online — and especially via smartphone. Integrating HealthGrid with Allscripts' existing platform, called FollowMyHealth, will make life easier for patients and health care workers, providing a single platform for accessing test results and medical history, booking appointments, paying outstanding bills, and completing myriad other functions.

"We truly believe patient engagement is going to be a platform play," Toleti said. "Patients want one, unified platform across care settings."

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June 12, 2018

HealthGrid CEO awarded Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for Florida Region

CHICAGO and ORLANDO, Fla., June 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Allscripts (NASDAQ:MDRX) announced today that HealthGrid Chief Executive Officer Raj Toleti was honored as Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for the Florida Region in the Health Care Technology category.

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June 11, 2018

What a new customer engagement platform means for Allscripts' future

 Allscripts recently acquired HealthGrid, a customer engagement platform, in a deal that has the potential to significantly change Allscripts' role in the patient's care continuum.

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May 24, 2018

HealthGrid named Commercial Services Winner of 12th Annual SMART Awards

Orlando, Fla., May 15, 2018 – The Orlando Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG Orlando) recognized six middle market companies for excellence in corporate growth that spotlight Central Florida’s thriving economic during the 2018 ACG Orlando SMART Awards program sponsored by City National Bank and Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services.

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May 11, 2018

From point of care to mobile communication: Patient engagement spans the entire healthcare journey

A healthy patient might spend as little as 15 to 30 minutes with his or her primary care doctor during the course of a year.

Add chronic health conditions to the mix, and that same patient will spend an average of 15 hours with his or her doctor out of 8,760 total hours in a year. Whether 15 minutes or 15 hours, point of care visits are critical milestones in a patient’s health journey. It’s where providers diagnose and treat patients, but it should serve as just the beginning of the provider-patient relationship.

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May 08, 2018

Allscripts acquires HealthGrid patient communication platform

EHR vendor Allscripts has made an agreement to purchase patient communication app maker HealthGrid for $60 million in cash, with an additional $50 million in earn-out payments based on HealthGrid achieving certain revenue targets over the next three years, according to a recently registered SEC filing. The merger of the two companies is expected to close sometime during Q2 2018.

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May 04, 2018

Fierce healthcare coverage of HealthGrid

Allscripts has added a new mobile patient engagement platform to its existing suite of services with the acquisition of HealthGrid.

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April 30, 2018

EY Names HealthGrid CEO Raj Toleti Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Award Finalist in Florida


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April 17, 2018

HealthGrid and Microsoft - Changing the Default

 Listen to our Partner, Microsoft, interview Raj Toleti about innovative ways to engage your patient population.

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March 15, 2018

geeta Nayyar, MD, MBD Talks Patient Engagement at HIMSS 2018

Hear Dr. Nayyar's view point on Patient Engagement's role in delivering quality healthcare.

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March 05, 2018

HealthGrid Reinforces Commitment to Value-Based-Care with Advanced Blue Button Features


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February 20, 2018

HealthGrid Rated* in the Top Right Quadrant for Patient Experience in the KLAS 2017 Patient Engagement Report

KLAS gives CareNotify™ a score of 7.9*/9.0 for Improving Overall Patient Experience

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February 14, 2018

Changing the Default: Using Human-Centered Design to Boost Patient Engagement

Too often, health systems put up a patient web portal, pass out instructions, and then ― like the builders in the “Field of Dreams” ― wait for people to show up. But the vast majority of patients never make the trip.

That’s because the web-based portal doesn’t meet today’s healthcare consumers where most live, which is on their phones. Only 5 to 10 percent of patients interact with web portals, while up to 90 percent instead engage via messaging pushed to them via texts or other mobile methods. More than 80 percent of patients prefer to interact via mobile devices today. As a result, today’s healthcare providers need a solution that changes the default. They need solutions that do not require patients to log in to a patient portal. They need solutions that deliver SMS messages “just in time,” with weblinks making it easy to execute specific care tasks for pre-care, point-of-care and post-care.

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February 13, 2018

HealthGrid has an Explosive 2017 and is Poised for Another Breakthrough Year in 2018


Growth Drives Expansion of HealthGrid's Leadership Team

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January 24, 2018

Patient Engagement is a Vital Necessity with Fee-for-Value Reimbursements

By Geeta Nayyar, MD, MBA, Chief Healthcare and Innovation Officer, Femwell Group Health

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January 23, 2018

Better outcomes with better engaged patients

This year at HIMSS, the industry-leading event for healthcare professionals, Microsoft will bring healthcare partners from around the world to demonstrate innovative solutions currently empowering the digital transformation of the health industry. This blog post is the first in a series about how Microsoft provides the intelligent services and trusted platform for partner solutions; it focuses on solutions that better engage patients. Join Microsoft and its partners at HIMSS18.

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January 12, 2018

HealthGrid partners with Iatric Systems to help MEDITECH hospital meet MU requirements

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December 22, 2017

3 health IT experts weigh in on providing choice in patient engagement

Patients are seeking greater control over their healthcare decisions. However, despite a growing emphasis on patient experience under value-based care models, hospitals still struggle to provide patients with the care they demand.

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November 14, 2017

Rising Stars of HIT

Exploring the limitless field of health information technology with some of the best and brightest

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November 13, 2017

Honored to be speaking at the Becker's Hospital Review 6th Annual CEO + CFO Roundtable

Patient Engagement Strategies and Technologies That Are Positively Impacting the Value Based Care Model

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November 01, 2017

5 Essential Shifts to Achieve the Promise of Patient Engagement Solutions

By Raj Tolelti (Originally written for AEHIT News Volume 1, No. 2)

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October 31, 2017

AEHIT awards HealthGrid customers, Femwell and Community Health Systems for innovation

AEHIT honored healthcare systems for their exemplary leadership, innovation and collaboration through the application of technology in healthcare. The awards were announced Oct. 31 at the 2017 AEHIT Fall Summit in San Antonio.


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October 04, 2017

What’s in DesignThinking? HIT should be

As we kick off National Health IT (NHIT) Week, it is a perfect opportunity to focus on why it’s time for design thinking to evolve to #DesignThinkingHIT for all health IT stakeholders.

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October 04, 2017

EHealth Radio Interview - Patient Engagement and Patient Empowerment for Better Health and Better Outcomes

Listen to Eric Michaels Interview Raj Toleti on the topic of Patient Empowerment

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September 15, 2017

Tech Company News featured article: HealthGrid Delivers A Comprehensive Patient Engagement Platform For Healthcare Providers

 HeallthGrid CEO, Raj Toleti is featured in an interview by Tech Company News

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August 15, 2017

CareNarrative™ Is The First Mobile Patient Engagement Solution To Be Certified By The National Committee For Quality Assurance(NCQA) For Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) 2017 Pre-Validation

HealthGrid Customers will now benefit from a Guarantee of Fully Certified Factors For Their PCMH Validation.

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July 10, 2017

HIStalk Practice Interviews Geeta Nayyar, MD, MBA, Chief Healthcare & Innovation Officer at Femwell Group Health

Read HIS Talk's Interview with Geeta Nayya, MD, MBA

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May 23, 2017

Femwell Group Health Partners with HealthGrid to offer a complete Patient Engagement Platform to Improve Patient Experience and Expand Value-based Care

Thousands of patients to benefit from interactive access to care delivered to their mobile device

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May 10, 2017

HealthGrid to Showcase its Full Suite Patient Engagement Platform at Centricity LIVE 2017

GE Healthcare Customers experience powerful results using HealthGrid platform

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April 20, 2017

HealthGrid to Showcase its Patient Engagement Platform at ATA 2017

Platform Delivers up to Ten-fold Increase in Telehealth Utilization

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - April 20, 2017) - HealthGrid, a mobile patient engagement leader, will exhibit its patient engagement platform at the American Telemedicine Association's ATA 2017 conference April 23-25 in Orlando, Fla., focusing on its ability to drive telehealth utilization and improve the patient experience.

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March 15, 2017

HealthGrid Adds Microsoft Power BI to Patient Engagement Platform

Powerful analytics and data visualization toolset provides real-time population health insights for health system partners

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February 22, 2017

HealthGrid honored as recipient of the 2017 Microsoft Health Innovation Awards


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February 21, 2017

Winners of the 2017 Microsoft Health Innovation Awards


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February 15, 2017

HealthGrid Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Automate Patient Interactions During Care Journey

 Next generation CRM platform improves patient acquisition, retention, care plan management

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January 31, 2017

HealthGrid Selected as a Member of GE Healthcare's Centricity Partner Program

ORLANDO, FL – HealthGrid, a mobile patient engagement leader, today announced that GE Healthcare has selected the company as a member of its GE Centricity™ Partner Program. The program recognizes complementary Centricity software and services partners and enables them to collaboratively test their software and services with GE Healthcare solutions. HealthGrid's CareNarrative and CareNotify offerings for patient engagement help providers connect with patients throughout their care journey and improve the overall patient experience.

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January 24, 2017

ION Solutions to Provide Patient Engagement Technology to its Nationwide Oncology Network with HealthGrid

Solutions to Provide Patient Engagement Technology to its Nationwide Oncology Network with HealthGrid.

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