February 20, 2018

HealthGrid Rated* in the Top Right Quadrant for Patient Experience in the KLAS 2017 Patient Engagement Report

KLAS gives CareNotify™ a score of 7.9*/9.0 for Improving Overall Patient Experience

ORLANDO, FL—February 20, 2017 – KLAS has recognized HealthGrid, the provider of CareNotify™, an enterprise and mobile patient engagement solution, with a rating of 7.9* out of 9.0, scoring in the top quadrant for Improving Overall Patient Experience. HealthGrid also performed well in four other categories viewed as critical to the ability to deliver meaningful patient engagement in their “Patient Engagement 2017” report.


Patienr Expereince vs Averagge Overall Performance (Image 1).png

 The report praises HealthGrid for its ability to deliver positive patient experiences across a wide range of patient types and services, saying, “The vendor that best represents a balance of breadth across areas, depth that impacts patient experience, and trusted customer relationships may be HealthGrid.”

 In the relatively brief history of the company, CareNotify™ is attaining positive feedback from its customers.  The KLAS report rates CareNotify™ in the areas of:

  • Engaging Well Patients*
  • Engaging Chronic Patients*
  • Engaging Episodic Patients*
  • Administrative Tasks*

Engagning Well Patients vs Depth of Use (Image 2).png



 The report reinforces the need for productive patient engagement and an integrated platform. KLAS findings show that providers are pushing for enterprise-level solutions that offer a consistent patient experience. They are actively seeking solutions that can fully engage patients across the entire care continuum.

HealthGrid client commentary collected by KLAS demonstrates how our customers are finding success in these areas.  In an October 2017 KLAS interview, one Director said, “Our patients use CareNotify™.  It meets meaningful-use requirements and has a high acceptance rate. We are at a 40% use rate out of the gate. Our patient portal has never had that high of a use rate. We are doing a lot now, and we are looking forward to many new things from HealthGrid. Patients are having a better experience, and the numbers prove it.”


Another Vice President is quoted in the report as saying, “Chronically ill patients are interacting with our healthcare system even more.  Patients tend to take their medications when they are sick and want to feel immediate results. However, when patients have hypertension, they do not feel the effects of their disease until they have a heart attack or a stroke, it is harder for them to be compliant and do all the preventative things that they need to do.  CareNotify™ helps us a lot with our compliance rates, our no-show rates, and our gaps in care. We get such great ROI from the system. Our chronic care patients are the most expensive, so that is a big reason why we purchased CareNotify™. On a shared savings model and a value-based system, we really get dinged when patients living with diabetes don’t come in for their blood work, for example.  The HealthGrid tool allows us to close gaps in care and get patients in for their physicals.”


When asked about the results of the KLAS report, Raj Toleti, CEO of HealthGrid had this to say, “We are very proud of what our customers are saying about our products and services. We work hard at delivering solutions that drive meaningful patient engagement”.  He went on to say, “The ratings we achieved with KLAS demonstrate to the emerging patient engagement market that we are laser-focused on assisting health care providers improve quality and satisfaction while generating strong ROI.”

The findings from the KLAS report underscore HealthGrid’s commitment to helping providers empower patients to take charge of their health and play an active role in their care.  

For an abstract of the data contained in this press release click here.  Providers may also access the full KLAS Patient Engagement Report here.

*Limited data scores; Figure 8:  Page 18 & Figure 16:  Page 28, KLAS Patient Engagement Report, 2017 .  The above commentary was collected about HealthGrid by KLAS Oct 2017. 

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