July 10, 2017

HIStalk Practice Interviews Geeta Nayyar, MD, MBA, Chief Healthcare & Innovation Officer at Femwell Group Health

Read HIS Talk's Interview with Geeta Nayya, MD, MBA

HIST Talk  Interview with Geeta Nayyar, MD, MBA

Read Dr. Nayyar's thoughts on the following topics:

  • Femwell decided to roll out patient engagement technology from HealthGrid several months ago. What prompted that decision?

  • Femwell rolled out telemedicine services last year. How has adoption been? How has that service impacted access and outcomes?

  • What unique challenges do OB/GYN practices face when it comes to selecting and implementing health IT?

  • Aside from technology, what are the top two or three challenges your physicians are facing today? How is Femwell helping them work through these?

  • Getting back to technology, what’s next for Femwell physicians?